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Full stack/time IT Development Team

In this past several years we have built a lot of applications on mobile and web, PC platform with skills in several

fields such as react, vue.js, java and Unity, C++/C# etc.

We have a lot of web development experience for React JS, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, Material Design, Responsive

Web Design, Vuejs, and wechat mini program development experience with Tencent IM SDK

And we have many android and iphone application development with java, swift, react navite and flutter, and sever

and pc, android client development using Unity Technology.

We also have many experiences with application data management for Firebase, Google speech recognition and

translation with VueJS, Python and Image processing.

Unity 3D Game Development Team

Our Team consists of  several senior Unity Game developers with 5~7 years experience for Mobile and PC development.

In this past several years we have built a lot of good Unity Game and Applications with several technologies.

We had make more good visible effects using unity post processing technology of camera and have ability to make freely  all functions to control characters and models in game.

And we have 3D developers to make and edit all character models and animations using 3D tools such as 3D Max or Blender and good designers to make texture and match to 3d model, and developers for server and DB management.

In unity, We also have experience to make very good natural environment (tree, stone, river, sea, load etc) using Unity Vegetation Packages.

We have raised game running speed using LOD technology and create, edit new shaders to get good resolution and effects

Professional Skills

C/C++/C# desktop app

Unity3d game development

React/Vue Frontend


Swift/Objective C


React Native/Flutter

Wechat mini program

Node+ Express js



Windows/Linux Server development

DB design & operating(MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB,

Postgre, etc)

- UI

Unity3d GUI

- Core technologies

Unity, C#, Adobe Flash/ActionScript, ARKit, ARCore,  ARFoundation.

- Game Algorithms

 Gameplay, Game lifecycle, Game Architecture, Objects pooling, Sensor System, Object path moving

- Animations

2D skeleton animations (Puppet2D), DOTweens animations

- Third Party SDK integration, Unity Plugins

Main Experiences

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